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Meet Our Implant Coordinator


Claudea Vargas is originally from Chicago but also lived in Miami Beach where she learned about dentistry through her grandparents. They owned their own dental lab where she learned about dentures, models and the smell of acrylic at an early age. Claudea graduated the Western Iowa Tech dental assisting program in 1999. She taught “Spanish for the Dental Team” at WIT and at the Orange City Hospital. She was a part of the Dental Assisting Advisory Committee at WIT. She started working at Oral Surgery & Implant Specialists in 2000. Since then Claudea has been instrumental in providing help to the Dental Implant restorative dentists and organizing Dental Implant seminars and meetings. She is BLS certified, completed OMAAP in 2006, mandatory reporter, CDA, RDA, and Advanced Dental Assistant. She has been the Internal Dental Implant Coordinator since 2004. Claudea enjoys crafts and is the mother of two and grandmother one.